Special Demo Gear Sale:

K400DT-S Kit

In this current LED world people are overlooking many of the lighting instruments that were so effective only a few short years ago.

As a result DedoCanada’s demo inventory has a few kits that are now going to be on sale. In part because it is time; but also to remind people that all that is new in the lighting world is not the only solution!

The Dedo DLH400DT focusing HMI is a very creative light fixture; beautiful flood to spot with Dedo’s patented “clean beam” optics. The 400/575 watt electronic ballast also makes this kit incomparably versatile. The full kit equipment list is listed below. If interested in purchasing the kit, please visit out contact page and reach out!

The K400DT-S Kit includes:


1 x DLH400DT – Focusing HMI light head, 400/575 watt
1 x DEB400DT – Electronic ballast 400/575 W
1 x DEB400H – Ballast holder with clamp
1 x DPOW400DT –  Light head to ballast cable
1 x DBD400 – Barn door
1 x DPLS400 – Light shield ring
1 x DGRADF400-06 – Graduated glass filter ND0.6
1 x DSCK400 – Scrim kit: full single, full double, 1/2 single, 1/2
double, graduated
1 x DSCP400 – Scrim kit pouch
1 x DL400HR-NB – Daylight lamp 400/575 watt
1 x DCHD400 – Hard case


$4495.00 plus tax & shipping

To inquire about purchasing this demo gear, please contact Terry Crack.