The new Dedo DLED Turbo 7 features the DLED9 series 90 watt LED’s combined with active cooling to enable it to fit in the DLED4 series light head. The result is a 70% increase in light output in a compact and extremely robust light head ideal for the small mobile team. This extra output allows for the optional use of softboxes, creating a much gentler and larger light source.

Aspherics2 lenses and a double helical focusing mechanism puts the Dedolight Turbo Series a cut above in terms of elegance and functionality. The Turbo 7 is also compatible with the DP1.1 Imager and accessories.

This Series of LED’s are available in Bi-Colour, Daylight or Tungsten.

Contact us today for more information or to arrange a demo and of course, check out the video below!